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Building safe homes & communities for Black Homeless Trans Women; while providing housing

and 24 / 7 emergency financial assistance to those Trans folks in urgent need. 

Each year, for the last five years, the number of transgender people in the U.S. who were murdered has increased, according to findings by the Human Rights Campaign. In 2019, the vast majority of those killed were Black trans women. As these women continue to be barred from housing and job opportunities, many wind up homeless and resort to survival sex work to obtain food, shelter, and other necessities.


As we continue the fight against Homelessness among Black Trans Women, especially during Pride Month, you must keep this persistently underserved group in full view. In addition to educating yourself and your communities to understand their systemic oppression, donating to the Homeless Black Trans women fund is also a veritable step in helping them to survive and thrive.

Right now, we're looking to acquire apartments in safe communities that will house Homeless Black Trans Women. We hope to expand this Housing Model to other cities in the United States.

So we need your support.







Providing Housing For Homeless Black Trans Women in Miami 

The Homeless Trans Women Fund is a registered funding project that is owned by our donors. We are based in Miami and working to provide housing security, and connecting with the Black Trans community and all other non-binary folks to provide resources so that they can work independently to gain their Freedom - even thou; being free is just simply telling yourself you are free; it's hard for most Black Trans Women to be free without proper housing, education and to be protected against injustice

and violence in a community built with love.

Help us, Help them. 

Housing insecurity leads to more ways that Black Trans Women are abused by instruments of the system - therefore; its important we provide safe homes and communities for Black Trans Women to strive in and get help with the resources they need

to stay well and alive.

  '' 1 in 5 transgender people in the United States has been discriminated against when seeking a home, and more than 1 in 10 have been evicted from their homes, because of their gender identity and the fact that most are poor and have no wealth in their name.''

The Homeless Trans Women Fund is dedicated to expanding housing, financial assistance to Homeless Trans Women so they can buy a home, open a business, or go back to school; and connect them with financial resources for Black Trans Women to get 24/7 anywhere in the United States -  Get Help With Food Now 


In the coming months, our campaign goal is to raise enough funds to provide a safe living environment and support for Black Trans Women that allows them to live free from hate,

injustice, discrimination and to escape any Homophobic country or place that is violating their human rights because of their gender or sexual orientation.

Our larger vision goes beyond just providing housing security here in Miami; but also,  worldwide for all Black Trans Women of Color.

We aspire to eventually become the leading resource hub network that offers a wide variety of resources and financial help to Homeless Trans Women regardless of race or ethnicity and work closely with the local trans community while developing a partnership with other trans and gender non conforming focused organizations to streamline your donations to the Homeless Black Trans Women in your local communities.


For example, developing campaigns promoting #translivesmatter with Black Queer Health and Mental Wellness Campaigns, Transgender Non-Conforming Workplace Education programs that help to create tolerance and give trans folks of color equality in our local communities. As well, as developing communal extra-curricular activities for young Homeless Trans Women of Color to participate in and live in communities that are Free from #transhate, discrimination, and injustice. 


Murdered, Hanged And Lynched: 331 Trans People Killed in 2019 with over 32 killed since the start of 2020. 

Your donation will also be used to finance #endtranshate Campaigns while acquiring more homes to be used to provide housing to Trans Women who have experienced hate, injustice,

discrimination including exploitation.

We're fundraising for funds to lease/own 5 new apartments that will house up 4 trans women each.  That is, 20 Trans women are being provided with housing. So we need your support. 


We will be expanding this Housing Model all over the United States;  As such, please make recurring donations and help keep Black Trans Women safe with housing security 

and financial assistance.  

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lets not forget them; Help us Protect the ones that are still here

The Homeless Trans Women Fund will be used to strengthen, enhance, and grow the Black Trans Community by way of aiding beneficiaries directly to attain wealth and education. That is, part proceeds will go to individual Black Trans Women, Trans bodies, communities, and organizations that solicit aid for the purpose to

save & protect Trans Women.

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